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We can offer appointments from   Monday to Friday from 09.00 am.

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Initial Assessment and Treatment - £50

(The Initial Assessment fee applies for all new problems
or for an existing problem assessed more than 6 months previously)

Subsequent Treatments -

Preparing Letter/Reports: £15 per 15 minutes

enquiries: (01603) 470770

fax: (01603) 446967

Low Back and Neck Traction

Low Back and Neck Traction

Many of our clients suffer from neck or back pain that originates from the spinal discs. The treatment of choice for this type of pain is ‘spinal traction’. Traction simply means to pull the vertebral joints apart in a very controlled way so that the injured disc between the spinal bones can have a better opportunity to heal. Traction is done using a special bed attached to a well calibrated mechanical system that allows a specific ‘pull’ to be applied and sustained for a given period. This type of mechanical traction is more commonly used for lower back problems but can be equally helpful for treating the neck. Home traction units are available so that clients can continue with daily treatment in their home environment once formal therapy is complete.