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Due to the additional costs of making Murphy Physiotherapy safe for our clients we need to increase our charges.
These will now be:

Initial Assessment and Treatment - £55 (1 hour contact time)

(The Initial Assessment fee applies for all new problems
or for an existing problem assessed more than 6 months previously)

Subsequent Treatments -
£40 (40 minutes contact time)

Preparing Letter/Reports: £15 per 15 minutes

enquiries: (01603) 470770

fax: (01603) 446967


We reserve the right to charge at the standard session rate for missed appointments or for cancellations within 24h of the appointment time

Pregnancy – Pre and Post-Natal Care

Pregnancy – Pre and Post-Natal Care

Women often experience low back and pelvic pain in pregnancy. Sometimes the change in centre of gravity can mean that women are less steady on their feet and therefore more prone to slips and falls. However, even without trauma, simply being pregnant means that your ligaments are more lax/loose and this progressively increasing strain on your joints can lead to pain and dysfunction.

Specific physiotherapy techniques are useful during pregnancy and these include:

  • muscle energy techniques
  • osteopathic manipulations
  • postural advice
  • exercises to improve core stability (Pilates)
  • pelvic stability belts
  • ergonomic advice, e.g. which buggies to use, cots to buy etc

Jo Murphy’s interest in the musculoskeletal problems experienced by women began during pregnancy when she set up an Ante and Postnatal Back Care Service at Dereham Hospital. This led to her to completing a number of osteopathic courses aimed specifically at treating pelvic problems. These skills combined well with Pilates principles and Joanne is now well placed to advise women on safe exercise in the ante, postnatal and breastfeeding stages.