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Clinic Times
We try to be flexible and to fit in with your schedule.

We can offer appointments on Monday, Tuesday (Half Day), Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 5:30pm

Please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

enquiries: (01603) 470770

Due to the additional costs of making Murphy Physiotherapy safe for our clients we need to increase our charges.
These will now be:

Initial Assessment and Treatment - £55 (1 hour contact time)

(The Initial Assessment fee applies for all new problems
or for an existing problem assessed more than 6 months previously)

Subsequent Treatments -
£40 (40 minutes contact time)

Preparing Letter/Reports: £40

enquiries: (01603) 470770


We reserve the right to charge at the standard session rate for missed appointments or for cancellations within 24h of the appointment time

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

Some clients think of physiotherapy only in terms of exercise. Physiotherapists offer far more than this but it is true that when a joint or soft tissue is recovering from injury, varying degrees of exercise play a very important part in rehabilitation. Sometimes the injury may not be a result of trauma but can be due to postural overloading, weak muscle groups (due to a previous injury) and muscle imbalance (where some muscles are overstretched and other muscle groups are too short and overworked) and we promote exercise during recovery from injury for two reasons:

  • Firstly, it helps maintain or improve range of movement.
  • Secondly, it builds up the muscle surrounding a joint to reduce the likelihood of re-injury

At Murphy Physiotherapy, we evaluate your injury and categorise it into one of three stages; acute, subacute or chronic. Once the stage of the injury is established and the structures involved diagnosed accurately, we carefully design the exercise programme that will become an important part of your treatment. When monitored and progressed appropriately, exercise can greatly assist a full recovery.